5 Must-have Digital Marketing Strategies for Dental Clinic in 2023

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Marketing is the vital key for every business, may it be a large, medium, or small business, having said that Dental Clinics too, come under the same category. If you are a dentist practicing in our own clinic, in order to grow your dental clinic, you need to have at least 20 to 30 patients every month. And to attract new dental patients, it is a must to have a full-proof digital marketing strategy for dentists.

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Digital Marketing for Dental Clinic in 2023

We have listed the 5 most important and effective digital marketing strategies for a dental clinic in 2023, which can be leveraged to get more patients & improve visibility. In addition, these techniques are also quite easy to implement.

1. Local Seo for dental clinics

Local SEO is local search engine optimization, breaking it into simple terms; Local SEO for a dental clinic is optimizing your online listing so that when someone searches for a keyword related to your expertise from your local area it displays your dental clinic. 

For example, if a patient searches for “ Dental Clinic in New York”, here’s what local listings are displayed, enabling your patient to quickly “Get Directions”, “Call” or “Visit Website” to know more about you.

local seo services for dental clinic

2. Website for Dental Clinics

Having a website for dental clinics makes you a brand.

Most of the dental clinics don’t have a website, maybe they don’t feel that important to have one, and that’s where you, by having a website for your clinic get a chance to stand out from the neighboring clinics.

By developing a premium website for your dental clinic, you can use it like an online portfolio of your soo far practice of your dental clinic. Your prospects can easily visit your website, know about your services, compare the prices, read your previous patient reviews, book an appointment, and visit your clinic over the weekend.

website designing for dental clinic

Even if you don’t have multiple branches of your clinic, a website will make your clinic accessible to every prospect online in the neighboring area and beyond.

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Even if any prospect is quite far from your locality, if he is satisfied with your website and reviews he would prefer your clinic instead of his local clinic, he would prefer traveling 10-15 km to visit your clinic. That’s how websites make an impact on your potential patients.

Opening a new branch in a different area could have cost you a fortune. However, a website can increase brand awareness, build trust, establish brand authority, and capture leads from different areas at just a fraction of that cost. A website gives you 70% – 90% functionality of a physical branch at just 1% – 2% cost!

3. Social Media Marketing for Dental Clinics

When we pitch our social media marketing strategy to dentists, most of them counter us with one question “why do dentists need social media?”, and we explain this way as follows;

It’s been a revolution in the world when it comes to the Internet. I don’t think there is anyone in the metro and tier 1 cities without a social media account.

To be in the business it is necessary for you to be wherever your potential patients are; on Social Media! It definitely helps you scale your clinic in the long term. 

dental social media strategy
For Reference: Clove Dental Instagram Handle

Being active on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc helps you spread awareness and gain social trust among the people. An average person spends about a minimum of 40 minutes on YouTube 35 minutes on Facebook & 28 minutes on Instagram as per a study from Backlinko

The more you are active on social media, the more you will be on the top of your patient’s mind. So whenever someone feels to go for a dental checkup in your city, he/she will search directly for your brand (dental clinic) because of social trust and awareness.

If you are planning to create content & manage your social media on your own, you can use the tools listed below:

  1. Canva : To create static and video posts.
  2. Invideo : To create videos
  3. Doodly : To create white board videos
  4. IqHashtags : To find & sort useful hashtags for your niche.

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4. Google ads for Dental clinics

Online PPC ads like Google ads unlike traditional print ads are cheap, reliable, measurable, trackable, and scalable.

If you go for print advertising, you won’t be able to track how many people actually saw it, read it, and how much of them actually booked an appointment.

Rather in google ads, you can see how many of them actually saw, clicked your advertisement, called you, or booked an appointment. Whereas you can even control the amount you need to spend on advertising by tracking this data.

How does Google Ads work for dental clinics?

When someone searches for dental needs for example “Best Dentist in New York”, they get to see the below result on google;

google ads for dental clinic

When someone clicks on the ad, you will be charged per click (as you are the advertiser). So when he/she clicks on the ad, he/she will be directed to your website where you’ve already displayed your services, testimonials, and number, making him/her call or book an appointment.

5. Satisfying Patient Experience

You can’t grow if your service is not satisfying, be it a dental clinic or any other business, Customer Service and experience play a major role while making your dental clinic grow and scale.

You can use various dental marketing strategies, but if the fault is within your internal service, nothing can help you grow.

Here is how you can provide better customer/patient service and experience.

  1. Provide a unique experience to your customers. This unique experience can be the ambiance of your dental clinic or the way a patient is welcomed and talked to during his/her visit to the clinic.
  2. Customer/patient experience includes (but is not limited to) the following points –
  • Is the receptionist receiving patients in a friendly way?
  • How well is your customer/patient greeted when they enter or exit your clinic?
  • Is the dentist educating the patient in a friendly way?
  • How well does a dentist follow up with his patient’s post-treatment
  1. Customer/patient experience is basically the interaction the patient had with you, your staff, and your clinic.


While traditional marketing through radio, TV, and publications still has a role to play. However, it’s impossible to survive in the current market without implementing a strong digital marketing strategy for the dental clinic.

Implement all of the points above, and the visibility and reputation of the dental clinic will soon stand out. In turn, the bookings will come thicker and faster than ever before. If you need to learn more about any of these strategies, you can reach out to us to discuss your dental marketing strategy.

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